A heart beating fast for sustainable development. An ideal that has grown ever more tangible over the years, with effective measures taken to integrate sustainability into our business model and in the shared feelings of all the people in the Unieuro world.

In a rapidly changing planet, respect for people and the environment is the lodestar that guides all our choices, now and in the future. Strategic vision and commitment, now incorporated in an extensive action plan, with targets and deadlines.

 In the Sustainability Plan 2022-2026, Unieuro validates its strategic vision and translates its efforts into definite projects, targets and deadlines, involving the entire organisation at all levels, snowballing into continuous growth. From managers to employees, from customers to suppliers and all the other stakeholders: a passion called Sustainability.


Responding to the Stakeholders’ increasingly high expectations in the area of Sustainability.
Integrating Sustainability in business decisions and raising the organisation’s awareness and culture of Sustainability.
Strenghtening ESG governance through a clear accountability and a holistic approach that may effectively support our ESG efforts and deal with current and future challenges in a rapidly-changing scenario.
Monitoring the evolution of the regulatory framework in terms of Sustainability to promptly and effectively respond to any change, even from a proactive perspective.
Identifying business opportunities that can add up to the business proposition.
Adding up to the target ESG indicators to link the medium/long-term managers’ remuneration, so as to increase engagement in Sustainability.

31 actions, 4 areas, great commitment

Our Sustainability Plan includes 31 projects in the four ESG areas mentioned as high-level guidelines in the Strategic Plan “Our Omni-Journey to 2026”, bonding the two levels together in a real, organic way. 

Most of such actions are known as «integrated» projects as they cut across multiple corporate departments.


Technology has always been in our genes. We are aware of its huge potentials as well as its limits.
That’s why every day we strive to make it more human, accessible, positive for young and old alike, for families and for the community.

Because the technology we love is not the one that just meets a need, it’s the one that triggers emotions. 

#Cuoriconnessi (ConnectedHearts)


Upgrading the fight against cyber-bullying in partnership with the State Police which have been working since 2016 to raise awareness in young people and parents

Senior Citizens Project


Developing specific initiatives for elderly people, to help them use technology and embrace the great benefits they can get from it

Prime Center Project


Partnership with the hospital Istituto Oncologico Romagnolo in the promotion of a healthy lifestyle among young people, not least to prevent oncological disorders

Feeling sustainability in our hearts and with our eyes means, first and foremost, nurturing a fertile ground so it can grow within the Company.

How? Through careful sustainability governance and effective monitoring tools.

Training in privacy


Raising the store assistants’ awareness of how to properly manage customers’ data to protect their privacy in the light of the increasing importance of such issue and the  ever stricter regulations



Configuration, assessment and approval of a new plan for upgrading Unieuro’s IT security to protect the operation and data of the Company’s systems

Sustainability policy


Development and implementation of a corporate policy to formalise principles, targets and commitments and make the ESG themes truly pervasive in the everyday life of the Group

ESG Rating


Being rated by a certification body to certify the soundness of the journey that Unieuro has undertaken, in environmental, social and governance matters

Sustainability& Remuneration


Fine-tuning the ESG metrics of the managers’ and employees’ remuneration and incentive schemes

Integrated Risk System


Implementation of a financial and non-financial risk mapping, assessment and continuous monitoring system, with an integrated, proactive approach

EU Taxonomy


Upgrading non-financial reporting in the light of the current and long-term developments in the EU Taxonomy Regulation

ESG Reporting


Progressive integration of non-financial reporting at management and accounting levels, by taking proactive measures, even ahead of the applicable regulations

We have a passion for innovation and at the same time we also have the future of our planet at heart. Now, we can blend these two heartbeats together by making responsible choices, reducing emissions, optimising resources and promoting reuse and recycling. 

A journey that not only abides by our principles but also makes us win any challenge the market throws at us, with consumers increasingly focussed on the social and environmental impact of their choices.

ESG Due Diligence


Implementing an assessment procedure, based on Unieuro’s Sustainability criteria across the value chain

Sustainable supplies


Assessing new product suppliers based on social and environmental criteria, not just economic ones



Speeding up retail digitalisation by introducing electronic labels

Carbon Footprint & Carbon Neutrality


Developing a greenhouse gas measurement system to work out a progressive reduction process

Energy efficiency


Optimising in-store energy consumption by implementing increasingly smart lighting and air-conditioning solutions

Green power


Buying certified power from renewable sources

Reusing Pallets


Initiatives to keep pallets and reuse them and introduction of recycled plastic pallets

Product recalls


Campaigns to recall some products to promote repairs and/or proper disposal

Sustainable packaging


Progressive reduction of plastics in the packaging of Electroline and Teklio private-label products

Reputation metrics


Monitoring the Brand Reputation and Sustainability Reputation of the stores and online

Sustainability in the NPS


Adding Sustainability to the measurement of the Net Promoter Score to improve the profile of our supplies

People have always been at the heart of our strategy, and this Plan revolves around them too. Because it is people who translate words into actions, put theory into practice and turn principles into consistent behaviours. 

Our mission is to engage the people of the entire Unieuro universe and trigger “a passion called Sustainability”. 

Diversity & inclusion


Formalising the Company’s commitment to champion respect for diversity and to support inclusion

Gender equality


Implementing a management system that promotes and protects gender equality

Employee engagement


Promoting engagement and community-building actions with the company’s people to share sustainable practices within the Company and collect feedback on how to improve its operational effectiveness

Training our future Store Managers


Providing training programmes in Sustainability to the members of the corporate Academy  who are going to work as store managers

ESG training for the staff


Development of awareness-raising and training programmes in Sustainability for all of the Company’s staff

The eNPS project


Measuring the employees’ satisfaction through yearly employee climate surveys (Employee NPS)

New corporate portal


Launch of a new in-house corporate portal to strengthen the bond between the Company and its staff, not least from the perspective of widespread Working From Home

Work-life balance


Upgrading measures to find the right balance between work life and personal life, such as the Futura project

Sharing strategic brand assets


Increasing the employees’ awareness of strategic brand assets, the embodiment of Unieuro’s heritage of values and distinctive features

An ambitious plan, bound to leave a mark on our growth, as a company and as people.
Now we are leading the way, and that’s where the big challenge begins: walking that way earnestly, every day, with a heart Beating. Fast. Forever. For a more sustainable future.