This page is dedicated to the Whistleblowing Portal, the digital portal for reporting possible violations of national and European Union laws and regulations as provided for in Legislative Decree No. 24 of 2023.

Unieuro is equipped with a system for the receipt, management, analysis and processing of reports, including anonymous ones, making a portal available to whistleblowers (workers, collaborators, consultants, suppliers, partners, shareholders and members of corporate bodies) to notify the Company’s governing body of any irregularities of which they become aware.

As described in the Policy reported at the bottom of the page, Unieuro ensures the protection and confidentiality of the identity of the person reporting the violation as well as of other persons deserving protection in compliance with Legislative Decree No. 24 of 2023 and of the information contained in the report (including the identity of the person reported) and, in any case, guarantees protection against any possible retaliation related, even indirectly, to the facts reported.

For any further information, please refer to Unieuro’s Whistleblowing Policy and the Frequently Asked Questions document, which can be downloaded below.

Below is access to the portal for sending reports both orally (through a voice message recording) and in written form (through a special form).


The Whistleblower can access the Whistleblowing Portal through two ways:

Accessing the Portal by entering
your personal information

Accessing the Portal

The person reporting the violation can monitor the progress of the activated procedure by accessing the platform through the use of the Unique Identification Code that will be issued at the time of entering the report and which, therefore, we encourage you to keep.


The Portal is to be used exclusively by parties defined as reporting under the regulations and for the purposes indicated; therefore, reports from parties other than the above categories, including those related to warranties, withdrawal, operation, etc., of products or services offered by Unieuro can be shared by following the instructions on the Unieuro Shop site page dedicated to Customer Support or by going to a Unieuro store. For any privacy-related inquiries, on the other hand, you should consult the Richieste privacy ( page.

Without prejudice to the preferential use of the reporting channels made available by Unieuro, in the cases peremptorily indicated pursuant to Article 6 of Legislative Decree 24 of 10 March 2023, it is also possible to report to the competent authority on the subject (ANAC).