In the area of consumer electronics and household appliances Unieuro stands out from its main competitors through singular, distinctive features:


The Unieuro business model is characterised by the centralisation of the main functions (administration, purchasing, marketing, communication, IT systems, etc.) in Forlì and the concentration of logistics activities in Piacenza.

The presence of a single logistics hub for supplying all channels makes it possible to avoid superfluous costs and down time, limit obsolescence and optimise the delivery of products, both to the network of stores and to individual web-based customers.

Flexibility of the format

The format of Unieuro stores is scalable and can be calibrated according to the dimensions and characteristics of the territorial market. Differentiated formats are managed entirely consistently thanks to the nature of the centralised chain, which also allows greater efficiency and effectiveness in implementing commercial and promotional initiatives, which are recognisable and effective throughout the entire network.

Optimum positioning

Unieuro enjoys a strong position in product categories featuring growth rates and margins that are among the highest in the market, specifically the White goods category which includes large and small household appliances and the Services category.

Brand recognition

The Unieuro brand is one of the strongest in the sector, with a brand awareness of 99% (source: Eurisko), in turn the result of an impressive rebranding campaign following the adoption of the Unieuro brand as the only point of reference for all chain stores.

Reflecting this effective positioning, from 2014 to 2016 Unieuro increased its market share in the reference market by 7 points from 11% to 18%.

Integration of channels

Unieuro is the Italian player who implemented the integration among all channels available to customers with the most conviction, allowing them a smooth buying experience: where they want, when they want and how they want.

Concentration on growth

Since 2005 to the present day, Unieuro’s history is starred with acquisitions, both in traditional retail (from Eldo to Andreoli, and the cornerstone: the former UniEuro) and in online (Monclick). Growth, however, also takes place through internal lines, thanks to a strong plan of openings of direct points of sale and the constant search for new affiliates which strengthen the wholesale network.

Extensive distribution network

Thanks to the growth strategy implemented, Unieuro has developed an extensive distribution network throughout the whole of Italy, now numbering about 500 stores in all areas of the country. This is also thanks to the network of affiliates, which enable the Company to also be present in areas that are seemingly less attractive.

Capacity to integrate realities acquired

Unieuro has proved its ability to successfully conduct integration transactions in a market which has a great potential for consolidation.