We carefully select our suppliers considering – in addition to the quality and costs of the goods and services offered – requirements concerning integrity and professionalism, as well as the absence of any past or present suspicion of involvement in illegal activities.

We maintain relations with the European offices of our suppliers, in full compliance with the rules in force regarding the principles of transparency, correctness and honesty provided by our Code of Ethics.

Selection and management of suppliers

A large majority of the products we sell are made by the world’s major players in the electronic, IT and home appliances industries, who supply their goods directly, under annual contracts.

In Unieuro we have also developed Electroline, a line of private label products, purchased through an intermediary company and sold to the final consumer.

Starting from 2018, the intermediary company has signed contracts that require its suppliers to comply with the quality standards in force in China, where production takes place, in addition to obtaining specific certifications.

Qualitative and quantitative information provided refers to Unieuro consolidated performance in the Fiscal Year ended on 28 February 2019, in accordance with the Consolidate Non-Financial Statement.