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Our employees are a precious resource, so we invest in their professional growth and training.
All managers responsible for processes or procedures concerning personnel management are asked to:

  • adopt selection criteria based on merit and competence;
  • select, hire, train and remunerate employees without discrimination;
  • comply with employment laws and standards;
  • guarantee the physical and moral integrity of the collaborators;
  • guarantee the right to working conditions that respect the dignity of the person.

as a value

Our team consists of over 5,700* employees located throughout Italy. To ensure the equal treatment of our staff, we guarantee non-discrimination on the basis of race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, social status, physical appearance, religion and political persuasion, from the selection phase and in all activities undertaken.

As stated in our Code of Ethics, we are committed to respect diversity and equal opportunities at every stage of the relationship with our people by adopting criteria based on merit and competence also in remuneration policies.


“At Unieuro, training is a(n) (in)tangible investment in our most important asset: our employees.”

Paolo Botticelli
Human Resources Director


Hours of training disbursed in 2021


Omnichannel training hours


Training hours in terms of security

Every year, we invest in the professional growth of our people through direct teaching, webinars, conferences, tutoring, simulations, training on the job, e-learning and staff training.
In addition to the compulsory training courses (Health and Safety, Model 231, Privacy), we offer managerial and professional training courses, both for store and head office staff.

Today, we are an omni-channel company also in training, with direct teaching, webinars, conferences, tutoring, simulations, on-the-job training, e-learning and staff training.

Business administration course in partnership with SDA Bocconi

Company academy – For managers and partners

Staff training – For all sales staff

UniTraining – Mixed course of classroom training and tutoring for in-store staff

This training covers a very wide range of topics: from people management to effective communications, from sales techniques to visual merchandising, and from work organisation to sales management at points of sale.

Unieuro Academy for trainee store managers

A company academy for trainee store managers dedicated to Unieuro employees and affiliated entrepreneurs was opened in 2009.

The Academy training course lasts 6 months and includes:

5 months of on-the-job training at specific training stores.
80 hours of classroom training, with internal and external teachers.
2 weeks of independently managing a store.


To assess the individual performance, we examine the organisational and professional behaviours in light of the role held in the company, with the aim of:

  • directing his performance and development towards corporate objectives and professional behaviour towards the corporate organisational culture;
  • highlight the need for training and develop its potential;
  • strengthen his strengths and intervene on areas for improvement;
  • to develop a sense of belonging and identification in the company mission;
  • to build an organisational culture based on results and merit;
  • collect feedback.

Health & safety

For us, health and safety at work are essential values for a sustainable, effective and lasting business organisation.
We are committed in ensuring working conditions that guarantee respect for the physical and moral integrity of workers.
We promote the culture of safety within the company through appropriate information and training actions towards all staff.

11,588 hours of training delivered
1,380 beneficiaries
Qualitative and quantitative information provided refers to Unieuro consolidated performance in the Fiscal Year ended on 28 February 2019, in accordance with the Consolidate Non-Financial Statement.