“Black Friday” means the day following Thanksgiving Day, on which significant discounts are applied to various retail products.


“Brand awareness” means the degree of recognition and dissemination of a brand with the public.


“Brand equity” refers to the brand’s value with reference to various factors including brand awareness, quality of the service offered or the customer’s perception of the product and brand loyalty.


“Brown goods” refers to the product category including television and accessories, devices for smart-TVs and car accessories.


“Business-to-Business Channel” or “B2B Channel” refers to the distribution channel for wholesale clients or for clients with orders that cannot be processed by our Retail or Wholesale Channel.


“Click & Collect” means the collection system at points of sale for products purchased by customers through the Online Channel.


“Customer experience” refers to the manner in which the customer perceives the interaction with a particular brand.


“Customer insight” refers to the interpretation of trends in human behavior in order to increase the effectiveness of a product or service for the consumer.


“E-tailer” means a retailer operating in the online sector.


“Full Time Equivalent” means the average annual number of full-time employees.


“Grey goods” refers to the product category including cameras, camcorders, smart phones, tablets, desktop or laptop computers, video screens, printers, telephone accessories and wearables computing.


“Like-for-Like” refers to the method of comparison of the present results with the results of previous periods with the same number of points of sale during a 14-month period, including sales at collection points and directly-operated stores.


“Marketplace” refers to the technology platform that allows users to buy products offered by third party vendors.


“MDA” or “Major Domestic Appliances” refers to large appliances, such as washing machines and refrigerators.


“Mobile” refers to lightweight mobile communication devices, such as cell phones, tablets, smartphone, tablet, laptop, MP3 players, GPS receivers.


“Online Channel” means the distribution channel operated via the Company’s websites Unieuro.it and Monclick.it.


“Other Products” refers to the product category including entertainment-related products, such as consoles and video games, DVDs and Blu-rays, as well as all items sold by Unieuro that do not belong to the consumer electronics or domestic appliance macro-categories, such as housewares, drones, bicycles and hoverboards.


Pick-up-point refers to the stores where customers can collect products purchased through the Online channel.


“Pure player” refers to online retailers without a distribution network of physical point of sales.


“Rebranding” refers to the process by which a product or service is being distributed under a new brand in order to make the product more attractive.


“Retail Channel” means the distribution channel of products or goods managed directly by Unieuro through its points of sale.


“Retail Park” means a shopping area with several medium and large stores.


“SDA” or “Small Domestic Appliance” refers to small domestic appliances, such as microwave ovens and toasters.


“Services” refers to a category that includes home delivery, installation, trade-in, extended warranty services, consumer credit services and post-sale services to customers.


“SDA” or “Small Domestic Appliances” refers to small domestic appliances, such as microwave ovens and toasters.


“Sell-out” means sales price to end customers.


“User experience” refers to a set of user perceptions and reactions resulting from the use or expected use of a product, system or service. The user experience depends on the degree to which a product fits with expectations and satisfaction of the customer.


“Supply chain” means the distribution process, including the production, wholesale and retail stages, beginning with the supplier and ending with the consumer.


“Travel Channel” refers to our distribution channel composed of DOS located in major public transportation hubs.


“White goods” means the product category including large appliances (MDAs) and small appliances (SDAs).


“Wholesale Channel” means the third party distribution channel through which Unieuro sells products through Wholesale Partners operating under the Unieuro brand