Making technology work for everyone requires a deep sense of responsibility and commitment, which go beyond a simple mission.

Digital technologies bring benefits to people insofar as they are used correctly and respectfully. Unieuro is aware of its role and strategic position in raising awareness among new generations of technology consumers.

This is why in 2016, Unieuro launched the NoCyberbullismo (NoCyberbullying) project, devising and promoting the tour #cuoriconnessi (#connectedhearts) together with the National Police.

“We could not stay on the sidelines, because we are people and parents. We therefore have a duty to raise young people’s awareness of the responsible use of electronic devices such as PCs, smartphones and tablets.”

Giancarlo Nicosanti Monterastelli
Chief Executive Officer of Unieuro


Learn more and watch the video of the initiative #cuoriconnessi made for Italian schools in collaboration with the police.



cities throughout Italy


students and teachers involved


employees trained through webinars


“NoCyberbullismo” corners set up in Unieuro stores



31 January 2018

BRESCIA 26 October 2017 – Auditorium San Barnaba
SCALEA 19 October 2017 – Sala Consiliare at Comune di Scalea
CATANZARO 18 October 2017 – Teatro Politeama
REGGIO CALABRIA 17 October 2017 – Auditorium “G. Versace”
MILANO 10 October 2017 – Teatro Della Luna
UDINE 8 June 2017 – Auditorium Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia
BERGAMO 26 May 2017 – Auditorium Istituto Maironi Betty Ambiveri
BOLOGNA 19 December 2016
VERONA 16 December 2016
COMO 13 December 2016 – Cinema Astra
CAGLIARI 5 December 2016 – Muravera
TORINO 8 June 2017 – Teatro Carignano
SENIGALLIA 24 November 2016 – Teatro La Fenice
L’AQUILA 18 October 2016 – SIS Guardia di Finanza
TREVISO 13 October 2016 – Teatro Brancaccio
MILANO 10 October 2016 – ITT Gentilesch
ROMA 6 October 2016 – Teatro Brancaccio
FORLÌ 19 March 2016 – Teatro Diego Fabbri


Is a series of aggressive acts and acts of harassment through text messages, instant messaging, e-mail, websites, social networks and chat, with messages and/or images intended to harm a person or group of people. Cyberbullies can strike anyone and anywhere, through devices that have become ubiquitous, including smartphones, tablets and PCs, which mean we can all be reached.

Watch the presentation of the #cuoriconnessi project

“Every day in our stores, we sell smartphones, tablets and PCs, the same tools used by cyberbullies to torment their victims. This is why we felt duty-bound to support a project targeting the highest number of people possible, particularly teenagers, who are now constantly connected”.

Marco Titi
Marketing Director of Unieuro


01.Do not share personal information and images on the internet too readily
02.Pay attention to geolocation data requested when you download a new app
03.Do not accept online friend requests from people you don’t know or invitations to meet face-to-face without talking to your parents about it
04.Do not respond to insults via e-mail, text messaging or chat, always save the messages with the time and date and show them to a trusted adult (parents or teachers)
05.Take care of your passwords and use a different one for every online account
06.Keep your anti-virus software on your PC, tablet and smartphone updated
07.Do not be ashamed of being a victim, confide in people you trust and go to the police in complete confidentiality

The “NoCyberbullismo” project was launched in autumn 2016 and includes the #cuoriconnessi tour (which raises awareness among high school students), communication at points of sale and training provided to sales staff through dedicated webinars.
The tour in Italy’s main cities, during which the documentary film #cuoriconnessi is shown and discussed, tells the true stories of children, parents and families that have experienced cyberbullying at first hand. Young people are thus prompted to reflect on the effect of words sent through social networks.
In the theatres, we watched together the testimonies of those who fought on the front line, very often without having the means to defend themselves. Also reported were the experiences of the police, who every day actively contribute to the fight against cyberbullying, and provide an immediate response to resolving the problem.

In 2017, Giancarlo Nicosanti Monterastelli and Marco Titi, Chief Executive Officer and Marketing Director of Unieuro respectively, went to Italy’s Chamber of Deputies to present the documentary #cuoriconnessi to the President of the Chamber of Deputies Laura Boldrini, in the presence of high-ranking officials from the National Police Force.