The Company

Founded in the late ‘30s by Vittorio Silvestrini, Unieuro S.p.A. is currently the largest omnichannel distributor of consumer electronics and household appliances by number of outlets in Italy.

With a network of about 500 stores throughout Italy, including direct stores (about 230) and affiliates (about 270), in addition to its digital platform, Unieuro is one of the key players in the Italian market – with a 20% share as at 28 February 2017 – with an ambition to become the leader in Italy for all consumer electronics and electrical appliance purchases.

The Unieuro brand, relaunched in 2014 with a new visual identity and a new positioning, achieved, at the end of 2015, 99% brand awareness (source: Eurisko).

Led by CEO Giancarlo Nicosanti Monterastelli, Unieuro operates as an integrated omnichannel distributor in four main segments: Grey (Telecom, IT and photos), White (large and small electrical appliances), Brown (TV and media storage) and other products (consoles, video games, DVDs and BlueRay).

Unieuro’s mission is to accompany its customers throughout their purchasing journey, placing them at the centre of an integrated ecosystem of a range of products and services that, in their accessibility, proximity and affinity, form the pillars of the company’s strategic approach.
Based in Forlì and with a logistics centre located in Piacenza, Unieuro has a workforce of over 4,600 employees and revenues that, for the year ended 28 February 2017, reached €1.660 billion.

In recent years, the brand has received the Italian “Retailer of the Year” award for certain product categories and the “Superbrand” award for the value and communication of the Unieuro brand.

About 500

Stores in Italy


Market Share

7.1 mln

Unieuro Club Customers

over 4,600


50,000 Sqm

Distribution Centre